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Let us help you we have long time experience in Microsoft and OpenText Solutions. Our Personal is Certified in the mayor product's.

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RedCom Inc. was founded in 2001 and incorporated under the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 2003. We are dedicated to providing packaged software applications that allow empowering employees, partners and customers by connecting people, process and information. We provide the application, installation, and continuos support, maintenance and consulting to allow organizations obtain the best result and faster return of investments. We represent leading software solution from Opentext, VMware, Digium, Sage, and Microsoft.

RedCom Inc. has been successfull in establishing a large base of customer in Puerto Rico, Dominican Repulican and the Caribbean. Over 70 major organizations are using our software solutions since 2001. Among them: There are six (6) largest Puerto Rico Companies, Seven (7) of ten (10) Puerto Rico banks, Ten(10) insurances companies and tree(3) Puerto Rico agencies and institucions.

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    Rightfax Fax Server

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    Simple Easy Document Management.

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    Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Cloud Service



At RedCom Inc., we believe that a support and maintenance offering is only as good as the people who stand behind it. The RedCom Inc., worldwide technical support and maintenance organization consists of a dedicated team of technical professionals, surrounded by advanced processes and tecnology to ensure customers enjoy a prompt, accurate response to any technical issue with their Rightfax Systems.

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Premium Support Plan

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RightFax Product Suite

Our deep range of scalable fax solutions integrate with your Voice over IP network and can be virtualized in any environment. RightFax helps your business automate fax, improve employee productivity, and save money-regardless of your size or need.

Rightfax Integration to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365

RightFax makes faxing by email quick and easy. RightFax is compatible with all SMTP email clients, Microsoft Exchange, and Lotus Notes. It also works with your email in the cloud, including Google Apps, and Office 365. Using RightFax, you can fax by email by sending attachments in all the most popular file formats including PDFs and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. When your fax is delivered, you will get an email notification that optionally includes images of the sent fax. Your faxed documents can be filed, archived, and searched just like any other email, making them easy to retrieve and manage weeks, months, or even years after creation.

Integration of Rightfax

RightFax integrates with a variety of software applications that help streamline document process workflows in healthcare, financial, legal and other industries. We also integrate with popular back office applications like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes for fax to email. We can integrate with almost any system, including CMS, ECM, ERP, MFP fax devices, and a variety of EMR/HIS software products.

Rightfax MFP Integrations

Integrate your MFP with RightFax to save money and boost employee efficiency by creating a personalized fax experience at every device Organizations of every size integrate RightFax with MFP devices - whether it's a single MFP or an entire global fleet of MFPs. With two types of integration methods, RightFax provides organizations a choice of how to integrate their MFP devices with RightFax.

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Integration

Microsoft's Office 365 platform has quickly become the email hosting solution of choice for many businesses, but despite its benefits, the security and archiving capabilities of the platform have their limitations - and that's a potentially very big problem. The good news is that RedCom Inc. can merge seamlessly with Office 365 to provide the additional, robust layer of security and archiving capabilities so that you can offer a compelling Mail service proposition that 365 alone cannot. From the unique combination of technologies to defend against email-borne threats, to a secure, independent cloud-based archive, RedCom Inc. has thought of everything to keep your customers’ business - and your reputation - safe.


Rightfax| OpenText

RightFax is the world's #1 fax server because it helps you lower costs, increase employee efficiency, and ensure compliance and audit-readiness.. Details

CRM | SalesForce

Build more meaningful and lasting relationships and connect with your customers across sales, customer service, marketing, communities, apps and analytics.

M-Files | Enterprise information management (EIM) solutions

M-Files helps enterprises find, share, and secure documents and information. Even in highly regulated industries.

Secure Document Delivery | E-Mail

We have a wide variaty of software.

Cloud Faxing

Purpose Built for Highly Regulated Industries

Fax online simply, securely and without ever touching a fax machine: Cloud Faxing is the ideal solution for healthcare and enterprises seeking to streamline faxing operations. Fully PCI and HIPAA compliant, Cloud Faxing simplifies faxing for organizations who send and receive thousands, or millions of pages every month. Details

Alchemy | Opentext

Easily capture, route, locate, retrieve, retain, and dispose of business-critical communications and records with a digital file cabinet.

Box | Secure File Sharing, Storage, and Collaboration

Box is changing how you manage content across your business from simple file sharing to building custom apps. file sharing, cloud storage, online file storage, apps, application platform, ECM.


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